Monday, February 4, 2008


Well, it's happened. I got tagged. For a meme. What the heck is a meme? Well, whatever it is, I'm it. So, MsElenaeous, you've got me! Here goes nothing...

I love to and sushi. Pizza with lots of cheese and pineapple. My family doesn't like the pineapple so I usually get it on my "half" of the pizza. They don't know what they are missing! As for the sushi, it has to be vegetarian. None of that raw fish stuff. Gag.

I hate to Ever since I was a kid and was forced by my parents to eat this awful stuff called Boatman's Stew (chunks of halibut floating in tomato sauce....ewwww!), I've been scared of fish. Seafood is great, and I can even stomach flounder, but any kind of fish with a stronger flavor, I'll barf.

I hate to the Ob/gyn. What is it about those appointments? Doesn't matter that I've gone every year since the age of 18 and that I've had three kids, I dread every appointment.

I love to go....home to Virginia. Or really, anywhere south. Maybe it's just being away so long that makes me miss it so much, but any mention of a trip I get like a little kid going to Disney World. There is no place like home, there is no place like home...

I love it kids hug me for no reason. It's the best feeling in the world and the purest love you can find anywhere to be hugged by a child.

I hate it when....I hear about a child being hurt and abused by someone. It rips at my heart to not be able to help the child and mad as a hornet that I can't beat the crap out of the abuser.

I love to kids having a good time together. I also like to see someone going out of their way to help someone. Makes me choke up.

I hate to see....someone hurt my children on purpose, like a mean teacher or a bully at school. I just want to take the hurt away so badly.

I love to kids giggling. A child's laugh is the sweetest sound. I also like the sound of a good thunderstorm.

I hate to hear....someone crying, especially my kids.

Well, that's it. It wasn't too bad and in some way, kind of therapeutic! Ok, who's next? :)


MsElenaeous said...

So you finally did it! Good job...pineapple on pizza???? Now that's a new one!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

But it's so good!