Thursday, July 12, 2007

Insanity- at a Store Near You

Grocery of life's most tedious chores. I mean, it's ok, but the effort it takes to get coupons ready, lists completed, and get the actual task done feels like it should be classified as a form of torture, especially with children in tow.

Shopping with kids, well- you get the picture. Not a happy combination to say the least. I need major concentration in the store to not only get the list right, but be sure the coupons are correct and that the store isn't pulling one of those famous rip offs with the mislabeling or "it's really the other size of cereal that is on sale" or "it's up to you to spot the deception" deals (and sometimes it's all of the above).

All this with kids yelling, "Mom, she hit me; Mom, I have to go to the bathroom; Mom, I have to have this!" It's enough to make me want to run screaming out of the store.

With all that going on, I did find a better way to make my list and not forget anything. Like that'll change the insanity and dread that comes at the mere thought of grocery shopping, but hey, every little bit helps, right??

"Why would anyone steal a shopping cart? It's like stealing a two-year-old."
-Erma Bombeck

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