Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Candy Store

Well, we finally got out of Dodge. I couldn't wait to leave! This is a trip we have gone on several times and each time it's just as fun as the first. West Virginia.....the mountains are indescribable.

But the first order of business for any vacation trip is- where is the candy/chocolate/sweets???

The store above is a place our family refers to as "the candy store". It's in Oakland, Maryland. Just a small town, but so important to us :) It really marks the beginning of our little getaway when we all grab a empty plastic bag and run free throughout the store grabbing anything that appeals to us.

Price and the outrageous calories mean little. One bag for the adults and one each for the kids. The bag is supposed to last through the vacation, but is usually gone by the second or third day....sigh.

They do sell homemade preserves, dried fruit, nuts and half of the store is actually all produce. But who can bother with all that....

When this is staring you in the face?

"Enough candy, now eat your peas"
-Eugene Robinson

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