Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Thirteen- Retro Candy

I loved growing up in the 70's. Call me weird, but I miss so many things about that time. I guess being a child during that decade helped me see it a bit differently than an adult would have, but I thought it was a total blast. Disco, banana bikes, roller skating, etc. All fun. Especially the candy. Yum! There just seemed to be so many choices, and nothing was alike. Here are some I loved:

1. Candy necklaces- having candy that available was too cool! Never mind it got sticky on your neck. I was having too much fun eating it to notice.

2. Chunky bar- I used to think they were huge! Now they make them even bigger. My favorite was the chocolate mixed with raisins.

3. Fun Dip- talk about sugar! I loved the way your tongue felt rough after eating the whole package.

4. Now and Laters- never failed to make my jaw hurt and my teeth ache, but it was a good pain! They seemed to last forever too.

5. Pixy Sticks- powdery goodess. But I never could open one without getting the end wet and my powder would stick. Still didn't stop me!

6. Candy buttons- on those sheets of white paper. Everyone complained that you ate more paper than candy, but they were irresistable.

7. Wax lips and bottles- I could never just drink the liquid. I always had to chew the wax until my jaws ached. I still don't know what that liquid was but I always wanted more. And wax lips were fun to suprise your friends with.

8. Candy cigarettes- a major no no today, but we never cared what they were as kids. I just remember the fun of blowing out the powder and feeling like a grown up.

9. Pop Rocks- they were new in the 70's and everyone had to have some. I think someone even called them space rocks. Very unique and fun to stick your tongue out so your friends could see.

10. Chocolate powder gum- I remember having a packet similar to a pop rocks packet and there was a chocolate powder in there. As you chewed it, it became gum. I never saw it again but it was really neat.

11. Flying saucers- addicting, for what reason I still don't know. For me, this candy was all about sensation. The wafer melting then the coolness and crunch of the little candies inside was too hard to resist.

12. Zero bar- A white candy bar? How cool! I guess everyone else thought so too because they are still around.

13. B-B-Bats- So many flavors and so cheap! I remember our local 7-Eleven having an entire row of different flavors of b-b-bats along the bottom of the candy isle. I tried everyone of them. Chocolate was my favorite, of course!

If you are a child of the 70's (or you are just hip enough to be into the 70's!) can you recall your favorite candies?


CountryDew said...

I remember a lot of those! Gosh, what a great TT.

I loved the candy necklace and Smarties sweet tarts.

sweetflutterbys3 said...

The Smarties were great! I remember eating them until I had a stomach ache.

Beth said...

Mmmm...what a sweet Thursday Thirteen! I always adored the wax lips and little bottle six-packs. I'd chew the wax, too---it was very satisfying. I loved candy cigarettes, too. My kids liked them, too, and used to get them at Mast General Store here in the NC mountains. I don't know if you can still get them there or not. They have a lot of the old fashioned candy there.

sweetflutterbys3 said...

I wish they had an old fashioned candy store around here, I'd be there all the time!

Gosh, I can't believe I'm calling the candy of my childhood "old fashioned".

Beth said...

Oh my gosh...I didn't mean "old-fashioned" to suggest that you were old! Especially since I'm older than you---I was actually a teenager in the 70's so was really a child of the 60's. Forgive me for my poor choice of words---I'm embarrassed. I should have said "retro."

By the way, my most cherished possession when I was a kid was my banana bike. It had blue sparkly handlebars and a blue sparkly seat.

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Oh my, Beth, I certainly didn't mean that as directed at you! I was making light of the fact that I now see my generation as old fashioned, and I kind of cringe at the thought!

I'm sorry if I came across like I was saying that about you.

Beth said...

Thanks, Mary Ann! I just realized that I had used the term old-fashioned in my comment and I cringed, thinking that I'd put my foot in my mouth (as I am prone to do) :-) I feel better now---thank you!