Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thirteen- Best Chocolate

There is so much chocolate out there, and so little time! I've tried many different types of chocolate but I'm sure I've only barely skimmed the surface of what is available. Here are some I've tasted and loved-

1. Lindt- this used to be my go-to chocolate but they've branched out so some so their stuff is not as good. But still a good fall back, especially the 70 to 80% dark. Very sharp, very good for everyday eating.

2. Leonidas- Oh man. This stuff is fancy and delicious. My hubby gets it for me every Christmas and I have a very hard time making it last to New Year's!

3. Ghirardelli- nice smooth chocolate taste. Just sweet enough but also gives a good bite.

4. Dagoda- organic chocolate. Dark, fruit infused, chocolate nibs, it's all good!

5. Scharffen Berger- the different flavors available are too tempting- sea salt, honey and coffee bars. Very upscale and to me, expensive. But worth every penny.

6. E. Guittard- some of the best, basic chocolate around. They use fresh ingredients and offer milk, semi sweet and bittersweet bars with hints of cinnamon, cherry and nuts. They also offer a lot of good baking bars for those bakers out there who want the best!

7. M&M's- who can stop eating them?!

8. Chocolove- the packaging makes it look like really cheap chocolate, but it's not. They offer flavors like toffee, raspberries, and orange peel. I grab one everytime I go to the specialty chocolate store.

9. Aero bars- from Europe. Light and airy, it has bubbles inside! Even though I don't normally like milk chocolate, I can't resist these.

10. Michael Cluizel- Very French plantation bars of chocolate. Flavors like dark chocolate with hazelnut, praline, and coffee. They also offer a chocolate bar that is 99% dark. Whoa!

11. Valrhona- another wonderful French chocolate company. Very high end, offering chocolate bars and baking chocolate to chefs.

12. Chocolate milk- not the skinny stuff, but the whole milk/cream with chocolate. Organic, off the farm, is even better. With Oreos.

13. Avalanche bark- not really a chocolate at all but so good. I get a piece every time I go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It's a mix of rice krispies, white chocolate, peanut butter and mini semi sweet chips. I've posted it before on this blog but here is a link to the recipe on line if you want to make it-

What is your favorite chocolate?


Beth said...

I love chocolate so much that I found pleasure in just reading about it here! Seriously. I actually haven't tried too many of these but I'm actually going to print out this list and try to remedy that. I will say that I've never found any I like better than the Lindt truffles. (I will admit here that I'm not a true chocolate gourmet because I usually like the milk chocolate the best). I'll also confess that one of my favorite chocolate treats are the Nestle Semi-sweet chocolate chips----common stuff but very good, I think, by the handful.:-)

sweetflutterbys3 said...

And I thought I was the only one in the world who ate chocolate chips out of the bag! It's nice to know there is someone like me out there.

I really like Walmart's Sam's Choice semi sweet chips but they don't seem to make them anymore :(
Now I have Hershey's semi sweet, though if I could afford it, I'd buy the Ghirardelli chips!

CountryDew said...

I eat chocolate chips out of the bag too.

I can't say that I have a favorite chocolate... any chocolate will do.

Karina said...

I'm glad to see Leonidas Belgian Chocolates on the list! I'm also a big fan of theirs. You'd be happy to know that ships anywhere in the US and does a terrific job of it too! Always on time and in great condiation.