Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- Kitchen Gadgets

It's amazing the things you can accumulate in your house. I've moved a few times in my life, and I could not believe the stuff we had! I'm always trying to clear the house out and give things to Goodwill, but then we buy new stuff and the cycle starts again. The one place I won't compromise on, though, is the kitchen. In there, it's the more stuff the better. Here are a few things I can't live without!

1. Pyrex mixing bowls- I've got them in all sizes but only one in medium. Need more medium size bowls!

2. Microplaner- Gosh, I love that thing. I bought it in Williamsburg and purchased fresh nutmeg with it. I don't use it much, but I wouldn't give it up without a fight.

3. KitchenAid mixer- I have a very old version given to me by my mother in law who got it at an old lady friend's estate. It's ancient. But I use it for all my baking and bread. It's sturdy and reliable.

4. Gallon sized pitchers- I have three I rotate. I used them for the never ending supply of sweet tea I make. As big as the pitchers are, they are empty by the end of the day. Who is drinking all that tea?!

5. Colanders- Don't ask me why, but I have several different kinds. Tupperware, metal, sifter name it. But I do use them all. I guess I make a lot of food that needs drained.

6. Large pot- I have a very large metal soup pot I use a lot, surprisingly. It's too large actually, but I can't find one smaller I like or can afford right now. The only thing that it's perfect for is making greens. I can stuff as much greens in there I like and they fit.

7. Corning Ware glass saucepans- the amber colored ones that they no longer make :( I order them off Ebay when one breaks and I need a new one. Perfect for making tea and for all the side veggies I make with dinner. I use them everyday, even the slightly chipped ones.

8. Wooden spoons- love those things. You can leave them in food that is hot and they stay cool. I use mine for everything. Can't have enough of them either.

9. Serrated knives- so much sharper than regular knives. Nasty when you get cut though!

10. Flat Spatulas- this in another one of those things I have a thousand versions of. My favorite are the plain white ones but I do have a few funky ones from Ikea that are growing on me. I can't bake without using them.

11. Super size frying pan- It's huge! But I need one for things like frying hamburgers and stir fry. With 5 people in the family, it's nice getting all the food cooked at one time and not having to use two pans or keep food warm while more is cooking.

12. Crock Pot- I used to have the small one but recently we got a large oval shaped one that has locking handles. I can't use it enough, especially in the winter. My favorite use is for Chili on a cold winter day.

13. Whisk- Sure, everyone has a whisk. But I happened to find a very heavy duty professional whisk one time in Williamsburg and bought it. I love that thing! It's heavy, sturdy and is fun to use. Plus, it makes whipping cream or batters super easy. And it just looks so nice compared to my other cheapy utensils!


CountryDew said...

Great TT! I don't even know what my kitchen things are; I don't cook! Always wished I could, though.

sweetflutterbys3 said...

I hate to cook but baking is a different story! But since my family needs to eat, I'm sort of forced into it. Or rather, they are forced to eat my food!