Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- Relax

Wow, I can't believe it's Thursday already and time for Thursday Thirteen. Wasn't it just Monday yesterday?

Since it was such a busy week I thought I might list some things that help me relax. I hope this list gives everyone some ideas!

1. Read- my favorite thing to do is to get lost in a good mystery or historical romance.

2. Bake- creating delicious eats that make people smile (and me too!) is wonderfully therapeutic for me.

3. Being alone- having a little time to myself to unwind and be me does wonders.

4. Watching a favorite show or new movie- need that zone out time at the end of the day!

5. Taking a shower- it literally feels like I'm washing off the day and all it's stresses.

6. Eating chocolate- self explanatory

7. Being near water of any kind- preferably the ocean, but I also love creeks. Just the sound has me smiling.

8. Swinging on a swing- I spend hours swinging as a kid but didn't rediscover how wonderful it feels until my kids learned to swing and I joined them. It's a fantastically free feeling!

9. Candy stores and bake shops- I could spend hours just looking at all the goodies. Then I buy a special item or two and go home and savor it.

10. Rain and wind- I love listening to the rain. It makes me feel sleepy and well, relaxed! Hearing the wind rustle the leaves and whistle around the house while I'm safe and cozy inside is a very nice feeling.

11. Gardening- focusing on the plants and caring for them makes the rest of the world disappear for a while.

12. Scents- baking, candles, vanilla, bread in the oven, wood burning, just to name a few

13. Laughing- seems like such a no brainer really. But when I can truly feel my
laughter and enjoy the moment is when I relax the most.

What helps you relax?

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