Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- Favorite Things to Grow

Now that summer is in full swing, I thought I might list 13 favorites that I love to grow in my garden and in my yard:

1. Tomatoes- all different kinds, from yellow pear to big boys. Can't wait for that first tomato sandwich.

2. Collards- they can be planted early in spring, when that first itch to garden starts, and they are so good made fresh. And easy to grow, too!

3. Kentucky Blue beans- super easy to grow and use!

4. Butter crunch lettuce- another very easy to grow veggie for wonderfully sweet salads.

5. Pumpkins- I really like the Jack Be Littles. Cute buggers!

6. Peppers- I had the most wonderful red pepper over winter and I saved the seeds. Wouldn't you know, they grew.

7. Curly lettuce- This is not their formal veggie name, just what I call them. So light and delicate. Goes well with the butter crunch.

8. Spinach- I have tried growing spinach every year and it seems to go to seed quickly, so I pull it. This year, I let it grow some just to see what happens. Duh, it just needed more time to develop. Well, there is next year....

9. Basil- Just smelling the stuff is great! If I do get enough, I try to make pesto. If not, it's great on a tomato, mozzarella, and basil sandwich.

10. Parsley- Goes in just about anything and it's too much fun going to my deck and cutting off some for dinner. I feel so gourmet!

11. Zucchini- the stuff in the stores is all banged up and too expensive, so I love to grow my own.

12. Corn- mine never turns out to be like the sweet cobs from the store or farmer's market, but I use what I can and save the stalks to tie around the mail box in fall.

13. Red Raspberries- I bought a plant off a guy in North Carolina several years ago and they have gone wild! The kids are having a blast picking them and eating them everyday.

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Great Thursday 13.