Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brrrr, It's Snowing!

It's October and it's snowing. I can hardly believe it. At first, it was just a few flakes almost too hard to see. Then it started coming down like rain. I never thought it would stick on the ground, considering it was in the high 50's just over the weekend and the ground was still warm from summer, but stick it did.

It looked more like January than October. The kids quickly put on gloves, coats, mittens and snow boots and ran outside to play.

It's hard to believe I just picked these tomatoes out of our garden not two weeks ago. I wonder if this means a cold, snowy winter?


queen of everything said...

i LOVE the snow, but am thrilled that it is actually supposed to be warm for trick or treating this year. i remember in 7th grade they postponed trick or treating because of the foot of snow that was on the ground.

sweetflutterbys3 said...

I love the snow too. Wow, a foot of snow for Halloween. That must have been interesting!

CountryDew said...

Snow! We've no snow yet. Probably just as well.