Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Raspberries And Veggies

It's been an exciting week so far in our yard! All the veggies are starting to show up and the raspberries are finally here. It's the kids first real experience picking any fruit so they are really having fun, while learning that those vines are pretty thorny! Ouch.

I have always dreamed of having fruit growing in any form in my yard, so when the raspberries started blooming in large numbers this year, I was elated. I bought the plants a few years ago off a seller on Ebay, who grew them in North Carolina. So I call them my North Carolina berries. Another little piece of the South....ahhhh.

Lettuce, I found out, is one of the easiest things to grow. Thank goodness something is easy :) Through much trial and error, butter crunch lettuce has become our favorite. It's very mild, comes up quickly in any weather, and makes a great salad.

Grape tomatoes are new this year to our garden. I love how they grow in clumps on the vine. And they taste so warm and juicy! They make you never want to buy another store tomato again.

Another Ebay purchase was these beans. They are about as easy to grow as the lettuce. When I bought them off the seller on Ebay, he sent me a "medley" package of seeds. Some were white, some brown, and some purple. I planted a variety and found that I have yellow, green and purple beans. Cool! The yellows weren't ready yet, but they are getting there.

The collards aren't doing so well so far so I planted more of those. We'll see what happens. The corn looks good (it was knee high by the fourth of July so that's a good sign) and the peppers are starting to turn red. I'm hoping in a few more weeks it'll all be just about ready. Better be, summer's almost over!

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
-Robert Louis Stevenson


CountryDew said...

Those look more like wineberries than raspberries to me. But it is hard to tell from a picture. It doesn't matter anyway because wineberries are a form of raspberry.



sweetflutterbys3 said...

You know Dew, you might be right. When I checked out the pictures you sent on the links, it looks almost like there are characteristics of both wineberries and raspberries on the vine itself. The fruit looks more like the wineberries to me. Well, I did learn something new today!

CountryDew said...

Happy to help. ;-)