Thursday, December 27, 2007

Luxurious Gifts...

Ohhhh, the hubby was good to me this year, bless his soul. We decided to not have a big Christmas this time, at least in terms of giving to each other. So we just got a few gifts to share, but even given that restriction, he did pretty good, I'd have to say.

The first gift, French soaps, are just luxury itself. I am a big fan of Bronnley soaps from England (when I can afford them!), but I do love French soaps as well. I hardly ever buy these things cause of the cost and when I do, I save them forever rather than use them up. My husband, knowing my interests well, searched the internet and found these soaps. They smell wonderful! And they are huge! They contain ingredients like olive oil and flowers, real ones. It is strange to feel texture of flowers while washing up, but it's a fun kind of strange! My husband doesn't remember the website he bought them from, but if he ever does recall it, I will pass it on.

I think I could have just got this last gift by itself and been as happy as a clam. These chocolate truffles are unreal, they are so good. I have limited myself to one a day so far, but it's hard, really hard :) They are from Candinas chocolates. Some of the flavors include irish creme, espresso, ginger, chai, hazelnut, and jasmine and green tea. Worth every penny and every calorie!
I hope you had a luxurious Christmas too!

"It is impossible to overdo luxury."
-French Proverb

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