Thursday, May 17, 2007

Patchwork of Life

Quilting..another one of those things that life is worth living for. Now I know most of you are yawning your heads off now, but you really don't know what you are missing. Really.

I was never one much for needlecrafts, sewing whatever, until a co worker brought in a quilt she was making. I was curious and Janie, always the one with a lesson up her sleeve and the patience of a saint, took the opportunity and pulled me right in to the world of patterns, thread and glorious fabric. I've been hooked since.

Each of my kids have gotten a quilt from me, though my poor eldest daughter was the victim my first attempt at bed size quilt (I owe her a replacement). The quilt in the picture is my son's, which is starting to show some wear (yippee! a well loved quilt is the best quilt).

I took a chance a few years ago and made some table runners to sell on Ebay. I really enjoyed it, but after a while I got severely burned out trying to take care of my usual work plus find time to make and sell the quilts. It was great experience, though.

I am now working on a flannel quilt for my husband. I am not too happy with how it's coming out so it's still being "worked" on- i.e. I am avoiding it. My husband gently reminds me every so often to work on it by saying, "Where is that quilt you promised me?". Whoops. I should even be working on it now instead of writing in my blog but if you won't tell, I won't either.

"How much piecin' a quilt's like living a life....The Lord sends us the pieces, but we can cut'em out and put'em together pretty much to suit ourselves...."

"The one with the most fabric at the end, WINS!"
-famous quilting quote

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