Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- 70's Fads

Sometimes I really miss the 70's. Yeah, really I do! It was the decade I grew up in, though I also went a little into the 80's. The 70's really established great rock and roll, women becoming more equal (though there is still a lot of work to do there), and fashion that is surprisingly resurging today. Here are some of the things I really miss:

1. Farrah Fawcett hair- so cool! I was never able to get my parents to let me cut my hair that way. Not cool!

2. Mood Rings- I had one of the original mood rings until a friend stole it (not nice!). Now they sell those cheap reproductions. What I wouldn't do to own an original again. So, what mood am I in today?

3. Pop Rocks- Do you remember the first time you tried these? Wow! Does anyone remember that chocolate powder that turned into chewing gum? That was so neat!

4. CB Radios- My friend Robin had one and her handle was Yellow Ribbon. We were a little scared of talking to all those tough truck drivers out there, but everyone was doing it, so we did too.

5. Polyester- Did they make clothes out of anything else in the 70's?

6. Streaking- being young in the 70's, I didn't really get to see too many of these incidences, but the news stations sure thought it was fun to report!

7. Shag carpeting- Orange, green, any bright color will do. My parents actually had white, brown and black shag carpeting that sort of reminded me of a cow.

8. Very Tight Jeans with bell bottoms- the tighter, the better. Famous parent saying- "Can you breath in those?" Nope.

9. Clogs- Dr. Scholl's. I so wanted a pair of those. Everyone had them. Didn't matter that they looked painful as heck. I've seen them recently in the stores and I still want a pair. Now I can't afford them.

10. Roller Skating- I went every Sunday with my friend Kay to Skatetown USA. Loved every minute of it, plus it's where I met my first boyfriend. Skating rocks!

11. Gouchos- What on earth was that fad about? And yeah, I did have a pair. Now they are called capris and are worn a lot tighter.

12. 8 Track tapes and players- I actually had a lot of tapes. I even remember recording off the radio. I also remember the cleaner tape you had to use on the player to keep it from clogging. Those were the days! My kids don't even know what a record is, let alone an 8-track.

13. T.V. shows- Charlie's Angels, Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, Land of the Lost, The Love Boat, Wonder Woman and the zillions of cartoons on Saturday Morning. Gosh, I miss them.


CountryDew said...

Wow, lots of nostalgia there! I remember ALL of that, too. I owned gouchos as well, never got into clogs, watched those TV shows, recorded Kasey Kasem's Countdown off the radio almost every Sunday.

Great Thursday Thirteen!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

I remember Kasey too. That was fun to listen to every week.