Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- To Do List

A list of thirteen things I have to do this weekend. I get tired just looking at the list!

1. Attend my son's graduation from pre-school tomorrow (insert tears of joy here)

2. Take my oldest daughter to a sleep over tomorrow night.

3. Host my middle daughter's sleepover tomorrow night.

4. Get groceries for said sleepover.

5. Pick up daughter number one from the sleepover and drop off daughter number two's friend from the sleepover.

6. Go over plans for mulching the front of our house with the hubby. Try to calm him down when he sees the cost. Once he is calm, maybe buy some of the materials we will need at Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart.

7. Prepare my middle daughter for a field trip tomorrow for a Ducky tour in Pittsburgh. Brown paper bag lunch and comfortable clothes.

8. Water my garden. It hasn't rained here in 5 days.

9. Go to the library. I just love that place!

10. Remember to tell daughter number one to find the two library books of hers that are due, before she leaves for her sleepover.

11. Take daughter number one to a birthday party on Sunday. Buy a gift for the birthday girl between now and Sunday a.m.

12. Put together some kind of picnic like meal for Memorial Day and put out our flag.

13. Squeeze in some time to read, bake or quilt. Yeah, right...


ksr said...

mulching is always cheaper when you buy mulch by the yard vs. by the bag....

find a space that is flat and concrete. use large shovel to put mulch into wheelbarrow...

voila...mulch machine!

good luck!


ksr said...

oh... enjoy those graduation moments...!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

k- Thanks, I'll try the mulch idea.

The graduation went well today. Whew! We are so proud of our little guy!