Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- In The Pantry

Here is a list of 13 basics I always keep in my pantry, just in case:

1. Chocolate chips- really, who can live without those?

2. Baked Beans- my hubby really hates them (Beano alert!) but the kids and I love 'em. A little brown sugar and ketchup and they are perfect.

3. Mixed greens- we eat them at least once a week and it's the one thing I can usually convince the kids to eat that is good for them. My go-to veggie, you might say.

4. Soup- though we've been blessed this year with little to no sickness, I feel like bad mom of the year if I don't keep at least two cans of chicken noodle soup on hand for any colds or upset tummies. Because the moment I run out, everyone will get sick.

5. Sugar- ok, another bad mom of the year thing, but we go through at least a gallon of homemade sweet tea a day so gotta have that sugar available. Plus all the baking I do. See why I keep greens on hand? :)

6. Juice- if the kids ain't drinking the sweet tea it's the juice they finish in a day. I always buy the 100% juice so I don't feel so bad. And sometimes it's the only fruit they get if I don't hound them about it.

7. Rawhides- remember Anubis? Well, another interesting fact we discovered is that if he doesn't get rawhide to chew, he chews things he shouldn't.

8. Olives- for some reason, we use a lot of olives.

9. Cereal- I never knew how much cereal kids could eat. Especially the sugar stuff. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

10. Salad dressings- a must have dressing according to my middle daughter- Buttermilk Ranch. She dips everything into it. So healthy!

11. Ketchup- it's my ranch dressing!

12. Puddings- if I'm not making Fluff I'm making Chocolate cream pie. They are my backup desserts for any sweet tooth cravings.

13. Paper towels and toilet paper- those huge "larger than me" sized packs you get at Sam's or Costco's. You would not believe the amount paper products used by this family. I really should buy stock in the darn companies. After all, I do support them!


ksr said...

I have tried to keep chocolate chips in the pantry but they never seem to last...

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Hey, I have that same problem!

CountryDew said...

I have a very poorly stocked pantry most of the time - particularly when it comes to spices, etc. Need to fix that someday. Good TT!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Thanks, Dew