Saturday, September 22, 2007

Anniversary Quilt

Every once in a while, my husband surprises me. I mean, really surprises me.

We went out last night to celebrate our 18th anniversary (boy, just looking at that number makes me feel old!) When we got our favorite restaurant for dinner, he told me that he had a story to tell me after we were done, then he had a gift for me. Not a good thing to tell me before dinner. Being a very curious person by nature, I was distracted until after we left the restaurant. He found a place to park then told me the story. The story started in the early 1860's during the Civil War. He told me about how women would use the materials available to make quilts for the soldiers or sell them to make money to support their families. The women would develop different patterns and these would be copied by others until they became common, like the basket pattern. Many of the quilts made were able to be preserved. He said he was able to find one that was kept in one family and he bought it through an antique dealer. He then handed me my gift. I opened it to find this beautiful quilt. I was speechless!

The detail in the stitching was fascinating. My husband thinks a young girl maybe in her teens or early twenties made this quilt, based on what the antique dealer told him, as well as some of the imperfections in the quilt. Imagine where this quilt has been. Wouldn't it be wonderful if quilts could talk?

Just looking at this quilt just makes me want to hole up and quilt all day. Because of it's history, this quilt is something to be cherished and I plan on preserving it and passing it on to my kids someday.

To my husband: After 18 years, you can still amaze me. Thank you for a priceless memory. Here's to another 18.

"You're in the pretty flowered ones, the patterned ones, the plain.
You're in the ones I've sewn with joy and those I've sewn with pain.
And some are worn and faded and some still look brand new,
But each of my little patches holds a memory of you

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