Friday, August 3, 2007

Garden Harvest

I just love having a garden. I'm still far from being a pro at it, though. I've learned a lot this year just from some of the typical problems that crop up (hehe!) with growing veggies. For instance, my veggies don't seem to be growing as big as they should. I used a soil test (first time for me) and found that I need to add lime to the garden. I also learned from my neighbor that throwing grass clippings into your garden really helps. Of course, we own a lawn mower that automatically mulchs the grass very small, so I can't use it. Have to find another way around that one....

Some of the garden plants I bought from the store and some I planted from seed. I am hoping that the from seed plants I can harvest after the store bought ones are done. If the growing season lasts that long :)

Isn't this watermelon so cute?! These were planted by seed and I am hoping they get at least edible size by fall. But just watching them grow is fun too.

“To cultivate a garden is to walk with God"
-Christian Nevell Bovee

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