Saturday, June 16, 2007

Chocolate Mint

One of the most fun plants I have ever grown is Chocolate Mint. First off, it's chocolate. How bad can that be? Second, it's so easy to grow a newbie to gardening, or even a relative newbie like me, would have a hard time finding a way to kill this plant off. Third, the smell is unbelievable. The leaves smell like peppermint patties. Yumm!

I got my initial plants from a wonderful seller on Ebay. She sent me extra plants and great instructions, and even included a recipe (which I am in the process of trying to find-Grrrr). Once planted, the plants grew quickly and multiplied like crazy. Over winter, I learned that you just dig a hole in the garden, place the whole pot in, and cover with hay. After you take the pot out in spring, you just pick up again with regular care and the plants come back with a vengeance. My kind of plant!

Some of you may be saying, yeah, great....but what do you do with this plant? Well, I wouldn't tell you all about this great plant without giving you at least a few recipes, would I? :)

"There are two types of mints you never turn down in life: breath mints and compliments. Either way, someone is trying to tell you something."


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