Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- Things I Want To Make For Thanksgiving

It's almost here! I can't believe Thanksgiving is this time next week. I swear I could get whiplash for as fast as time goes anymore. Since we are hosting dinner this year, I've been thinking of what to have for our meal. Not only do I love making this list, I feel so blessed to be able to make it.

1. A really big Turkey- we were able to score a 20 pound Honeysuckle turkey this year at Walmart for 60 cents a pound. Lots left over for turkey sandwiches and soup!

2. Cranberry sauce- the canned kind. I don't like whole cranberries in my cranberry sauce so I just buy it instead of making it. Good to layer on those turkey sandwiches.

3. Grandma's Stuffing - my husband's grandmother used to make this wonderful stuffing with lots of butter, cubed French bread, celery, and ground pork. Since she didn't leave a recipe when she passed on, he tries every year to get it just right. Each year, the stuffing is a bit more delicious.

4. Mashed potatoes- I usually leave this up to my husband to make. He creates the most creamy, tasty mashed potatoes.

5. Sweet potato casserole- this is more my department. I bake, mash and top this dish with everything rich and sweet! Lots of cream and lots of sugar. Yum!

6. Green Beans- this is usually my mother in law's contribution. She likes making them with fresh beans and seasoned with bacon.

7. Drinks- doesn't sound exciting but I like getting sparkling grape juice for the kids (they feel so grown up!), and making punch along with our usual sweet tea and soda selections.

8. Biscuits- homemade buttermilk biscuits go so well with everything on the table!

9. Spoon bread- I think it adds a colonial feeling to Thanksgiving.

10. Relish tray- pretty obvious, but I miss it if it's not there on the table.

11. Sweet potato pie- I have an old recipe I use that is framed on the wall of my kitchen. That way, I never lose it!

12. Pecan Pie- Of course! Some years it's just regular pecan pie and some years I change it. Last year it was chocolate!

13. Pumpkin pie- It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it!


Kathy said...

Lots of deserts... yum! Spoon pudding, pecan pie and pumpkin pie! I'm going to Austin but if I wasn't, your table would be something I would enjoy. Blessings,


sweetflutterbys3 said...

Thanks! Though Austin sounds nice too. Probably a lot warmer than PA is going to be, burrr. Have a safe trip!

CountryDew said...

Spoon bread! Hadn't heard of that in a while. Sounds like a good day to visit your house!